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School Dinners and how to order school milk


Throughout the year we celebrate special days and events with themed day menus and treats. Parents are always informed in advance about any changes to the school menu these days. We are extremely fortunate to have our school dinners cooked each day in our kitchen through our contract with Nottingham City Catering Service. Our school cook ensures the menu is not only healthy and nutritious but enjoyable for all.

The Cantrell School Dinner Wristband System 

We operate a wristband system for our school dinners. This means that the meals on our school menu are all colour co-ordinated.

RED is a meat based meal, GREEN is a vegetarian meal and YELLOW is a jacket potato meal or baguette/sandwich meal.

Before lunch, your child will be given a Red, Green or Yellow wristband according to their chosen meal. Wristbands will then be handed to the member of the kitchen staff serving dinners in exchange for the appropriate meal. All puddings will be chosen by the child at this point. This system is to reduce food wastage and help the catering team to cater for the different dietary needs of our children.

Cost of School Dinners for children in Years 3 to 6

From 1st September 2023 the cost of a school dinner is £2.30 per day (£11.50 a week). School dinners are to be paid in advance on your sQuid account.

Universal Free School Meals for children in Reception to Year 2

Please remember that all children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 are automatically entitled to a free school dinner each day under the Universal Free School Meals scheme introduced by the Government.

Packed Lunches

We encourage parents/carers to prepare healthy packed lunches. Further information is available below:

Cool Milk

Please speak to the school office for further details.