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“The artist’s world is limitless” – Paul Strand

We believe that delivering a high-quality Art and Design curriculum provides pupils with a unique way of observing and responding to the world. It plays a vital role in developing our pupils’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them and how they may begin to shape it. The well-being of our pupils is of great importance and Art and Design acts as a tool to support the growth of their self-esteem and resilience and is an opportunity to enjoy themselves. It can also be used to explore who they are and their own thoughts and feelings.  Our Art and Design curriculum aims to engage and inspire learners and encourage risk-taking, creativity and self-expression. We equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge of a range of artistic disciplines so that they can apply these to their projects, where they learn to trust in their own ideas and processes. It is important for children to learn about, and be inspired by, a diverse selection of artists and designers from different cultures, backgrounds and periods in history. With exposure to the styles that each of these artists demonstrate, we can put emphasis on the fact that there is no one “right” way to create art. Art is limitless and our learners’ imagination and creativity are limitless.