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Exclusion Guidance

When your child is suspended or permanently excluded from school, it can be a very difficult, upsetting and worrying time for you, your child and your family.

In most cases, other action should be tried before suspending or excluding a pupil. However, it might be necessary for the Head Teacher to take immediate action if:

  • The pupil has broken the school’s behaviour policy (the school rules)
  • The pupil remaining in school would have serious harm to their education or welfare.
  • The pupil remaining in school would cause serious harm to the education or welfare of others.

Any suspension or permanent exclusion should be issued on the principles of being:

  • Rational,
  • Reasonable,
  • Fair
  • Proportionate.

Suspensions and permanent exclusions must be recorded officially to help identify where support is needed and allow everybody the opportunity to exercise their rights.

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