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TT Rockstars

A Battle of the Bands is a fun way to get two groups of players competing against each other!

Class members can play in any game type and at the end of the week's battle, the class with the most correct answers are the winners!

This Week

This week's battle starts Friday 3rd May 5:00pm and ends Friday 10th May at 1:00pm.

The winning classes will be announced the week beginning Monday 13th May!

This week's battles are:                                                                                            

3A vs 4A

3B vs 4B

5A vs 6A

5B vs 6B

Good Luck Everyone!

Last week's results (03/05/2024):

A's = 121,881

B's = 79,998

6A - 76,510

6B - 59,740

5A - 42,039

5B - 14,114

4B - 6,144

4A - 3,332