At Cantrell we communicate with every family using ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is an interactive reward system that allows you to see how your children are getting on in school. After you have signed up, you will be able to see what your child is doing in school through the ‘Class Story’ feature. Class Story will be updated regularly and will include key events and photographs. ClassDojo also informs you when your child receives a Dojo point, and what it is for. Dojo points are given for a variety of reasons and encourage children to work hard and participate fully.

As a class the children and the teacher agree which behaviours should be awarded a Dojo point. Our school values are also rewarded through ClassDojo.

Messaging is another integral part of ClassDojo and parents and teachers can communicate with each other very easily on matters pertaining to, e.g. class announcements and reminders, school events, information on engage and express activities, notification of changes to routines and one-one contact for general messages.

Please note:

• Messaging through Dojo should not be used for sensitive issues.

• Parents should not report child absence through Dojo.