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Each Year Group has links for learning at home.

Here are some additional ideas to get you started.

Try Twinkl, a subscription service offering a

month of free access to parents:

Phonics and Early Reading

To help our children continue to read, Oxford Owl have enabled free access to some of their eBooks.

We have started to introduce 'Big Cat Collins'

reading books in school and they have also

opened up their reading scheme eBooks for free. Please note that these books are not fully decodable,

unlike the books that we use in school. The books may contain some words that your child cannot

decode yet.If you would like to access the eBooks please use the following link.

Username:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password: Parents20!

Click on Big Cat Collins. 

Phonics Play

Phonic Play offer online games for your child.

You are able to tailor these games to your child's

ability by using sounds that they have been taught.

A class favourite is 'Obb Bob' where you sort real 

and alien words (very handy for the Phonics check). 

In response to the Coronavirus you able to access

it entirely by using:Username: march20Password:

home Bloom

Cbeebies- Alphablocks

Teacher Your Monster To Read (Website is free. Paid App)

Oxford Owl

Access online games to promote your child's continual learning.

Below is a link to access online reading books for your child. Please refer to their current reading book for their book band level (Lilac through to Dark Red).

Pobble 365

A fantastic resource to promote comprehension skills at home.

Literacy Shed

Choose an age appropriate video to watch and complete some of the writing tasks.

World Book Reader

Lots of free- predominantly non-fiction- books to read online.

Rising Stars. 

Mindfulness and Keeping Active

BBC Newsround

Keeping children up to date with the world around them- creating opportunities to talk about news with children.

Joe Wicks- The Body Coach- 5 Minute Moves

9am PE with Joe Monday-Friday live on YouTube- let's get moving! (Week commencing 23.3.20)

These are 5 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that a designed for the perfect 'brain break' or just in general to keep your children active at home. On this channel there are a variety of longer workouts too all for free!

Smiling Mind

Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness.

Cosmic Yoga- Youtube

Yoga videos designed for children aged 3+

BBC Supermovers

Interactive videos to support with KS1- Maths, Literacy, PSHE and PE Learning.

Go Noodle- Youtube (More videos on their own website)

Hundreds of 'brainercise', dancing, strength and mindfulness videos- as well as videos that are 'just for fun'.

Just Dance- YouTube

Available free of charge! Choose from plenty of songs for the whole family.

NHS Disney Wake up Shake up

Provided by the NHS, here are lots of short games to keep children active and engaged to coincide with some of their favourite Disney characters.



Children all have a log in and password for this site. Tasks can be set by their teachers for children to complete at home.

TT Rockstars

Another chance for your children to practice times tables at home.

 White Rose Maths

A set of tutorials and resources has been made to use at home with your child – this is the same scheme we use in school.


Many of these games are problem solving tasks. If you access the 'Getting started' link to see how to present the problem and the 'Solution' link this will give you an idea of the purpose and end target.


This is a simple hundred square online. You can use this with your child to count forwards/backwards from any given number, count in 2's/5's/10's, take turns counting (counting choir), add, subtract, splat odd/even numbers, notice patterns when you're counting (for example looking at where the numbers fall in the columns and rows), recognise numbers (you could ask your child to splat the number you call out).


Hit the Button

An interactive game to practice number bonds and times tables.

Cbeebies- Numberblocks 


Great Maths activities that are not a sheet.


Explorify for Science

DK Find Out

Activities and quizzes on a variety of topics.…

ICT Games


The Kids Should See This

Wide range of cool educational videos

Virtual Tours

Take a look at some top museums that are offering online tours and exhibits.

Red Ted Art

Easy arts and crafts. ​​​​​​​


BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize

National Geographic Kids

Activities and quizzes for younger kids.


BBC Bitesize

Check out your child's Learning Zone and other links that will be updated in this section.

The Nottingham Schools Trust Partners have developed the following comprehensive 

Home Learning Pack for Primary Children. Please check out by following the link:

Nottingham Schools Trust Home Learning Pack – March 2020