We will be guided by the following sections of the SEND Policy:


4.5     If the IPM review identifies that support is needed from outside services, we will consult parents prior to any support being actioned. In most cases, children will be seen in school by external support services. Where pupils educational needs cannot be met through the interventions listed in the School Offer, (see website) higher level interventions will be implemented with the support of additional, such as Inclusive Education Services or Educational Psychology. External support services will provide information for the child’s new IPM. The new strategies within the IPM will, wherever possible, be implemented in the child’s normal classroom setting.


4.6      HLN (Higher level Needs) funding is applied for where felt appropriate, to access additional funding. HLN bids are usually made annually, though an emergency bid can be made during the year if a new child arrives in school or if significant changes occur. SENCOs take all HLN bids to a moderation meeting each November, where the schools within the local area compare and moderate the bids. Bids are then sent to the L.A., where HLN staff moderate bids on a “like-for-like” basis across Nottingham City. Schools are informed whether or not an application for additional funding has been agreed. If it has, then funding runs from the following April for 2 academic years. Any support funded by HLN is given in addition to support already provided by the school. The SENCO will work in partnership with outside agencies and parents/carers to co-ordinate how this money is most appropriately used to support the child’s needs.

When necessary Cantrell will support an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan (ECHP). A person centred review will be held to assess the pupils strengths and next steps. The application for a ECHP is a 20 week process from the local authorities receipt of the request.