Pupil Interviews – Sue, Andrew. Pupil interviews

Giving the Governors opportunities to look at samples of children’s work. They are then able to ask questions about writing, what support they receive and their attitudes towards their learning.  Impact – enabling governors to ensure that pupils behaviour for learning is positive in order for them to make maximum attainment/progress

Statutory Testing monitoring – Andrew and Sue

Ensuring that the tests are administered according to the correct procedures. Ensuring that the tests are secure and confidential. 

Parental complaint appeal – Paul, Andrew, Sue

Challenging and supporting schools procedures and making recommendations to improve systems.   Impact – ensuring that procedures are easily accessible to parents.

Disciplinary panel – Sue, Andrew, Julie

Checking and challenging performance of staff and making decisions on ways forward. Impact – staff are held to account for their actions.

Budget – Andrew, Sue, Paul

Ensuring that the school finances are being spent in an appropriate manner.

Individual Governor visits

Discussions with subject leaders – ensuring that subjects are being taught effectively across school and that subject leaders have a full understanding of their role across school.