Pupil Interviews –  Debbie and Andrew. 

Giving the Governors opportunities to look at samples of children’s work. They are then able to ask questions about writing, what support they receive and their attitudes towards their learning.  Impact – enabling governors to ensure that pupils behaviour for learning is positive in order for them to make maximum attainment/progress

Statutory Testing monitoring – Andrew and Nicola

Ensuring that the tests are administered according to the correct procedures. Ensuring that the tests are secure and confidential. 

Parental complaint appeal – Andrew and Nicola.

Challenging and supporting schools procedures and making recommendations to improve systems.   Impact – ensuring that procedures are easily accessible to parents.

Disciplinary panel –  Andrew, Julie and Nicola

Checking and challenging performance of staff and making decisions on ways forward. Impact – staff are held to account for their actions.

Budget – Andrew and Nicola

Ensuring that the school finances are being spent in an appropriate manner.

Individual Governor visits

Discussions with subject leaders – ensuring that subjects are being taught effectively across school and that subject leaders have a full understanding of their role across school.


Impact Statement 2022 - 2023 – This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. This statement provides a flavour of our work and Impact.

To prioritise the safety of our children, safeguarding training has been provided to all staff members and Governors; ensuring a secure environment within the school premises.

We are pleased to present the Impact Report for Cantrell Primary School Governors for the academic year 2022-2023. This report highlights key activities, decisions, and achievements discussed in our meetings and their impact on the school community and builds on the table above.

We focused on addressing the interventions for year groups with low data scores. A range of probing questions were asked to understand the measures being taken to support these students and improve their performance. Additionally, Governors inquired about the allocation of Covid recovery funds and how they were being utilized to aid the school's recovery process.

The new Chair had raised several questions regarding the targeted usage of pupil premium money. The Pupil Premium statement is available on the school website, providing transparency and accountability in its allocation.

To foster community engagement, the governors initiated various activities such as the Free Pop-Up Uniform Shop, Free Shoe and Book Shop, and a Free Food Bank. The Chair and Vice-Chair have expressed their commitment to placing the community at the heart of their tenure.

We have welcomed new co-opted Governors and parent Governors who will oversee important areas such as attendance and pupil premium. Budget-related discussions took place, focusing on exploring avenues for cost-saving.

Further considerations were made to assess whether other contractors could offer more cost-effective solutions for services such as playground equipment, painting, and decorating. Governors also explored the possibility of generating additional revenue by renting out the school's field for activities like cricket and expanding the football offer.

Health and Safety Walk Around School brought attention to an issue of water leakage under the year 1 door during heavy rain. We discussed the need for further options to address this concern effectively.

The scrutiny of Teacher/Head Teacher Performance Management and the pay committee scrutiny were completed successfully, ensuring accountability and fair evaluation.

We also dedicated time to scrutinize and analyse the school budget. This included considerations for potential savings, understanding unexpected wage increases, utility bill rises, and the general increase in costs, which impact expenditure.

Communication efforts were made with local councillors regarding school funding, the cost of living, and COVID recovery. Additionally, we reached out to local law enforcement to address traffic offenses and dangerous driving outside the school.

We have been really pleased to appoint two new parent Governors who have attended their first meetings and already made an impact by liaising and speaking with other parents in the community.

Curriculum Development:

Our curriculum continues to emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability, providing students with essential life skills. By placing books and reading at the heart of our curriculum, we promote language development, cultural understanding, tolerance, and empathy. We aim to instil a love for reading, enabling students to learn from the written word and fostering a lifelong passion for learning.

In conclusion, the impact of our activities, decisions, and collaborative efforts during the 2022-2023 academic year has been significant. We remain committed to the continuous improvement of Cantrell Primary School and the well-being of our students, staff, and wider community. We look forward to further achievements and positive impact in the future.