Working in partnership with the Bulwell Forest Community Garden, we have agreed to share the designated woodland area.  As part of the Forest School Programme we actively encourage all our children to look after our woodland.  Children will voluntarily litter pick around the site and dispose of any rubbish in a designated bin.  The children are encouraged to spot different signs of growth and are aware of trampling underfoot on new spring buds.  They are also encouraged to find spots where particular wild flowers grow such as Blue Bells and Daffodils. 

Children collect some fallen branches and debris to construct their own mini-beast habitats, they are mindful of where to place them and can revisit to observe any new life forms over time. 

Whilst children are within the woodland area they are aware of respecting natural habitats and growth of trees of which they like to climb.  They are taught how to care for growing trees by avoiding damaging branches and leaves. 

At the end of each Forrest school session spent each child takes responsibility for clearing and making good areas leaving no trace of their existence.