MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER. Dear Parents, as we approach the end of the academic year, we reflect upon what a journey it has been for the school. It was only in September that pupils returned following the summer break with lots of restrictions still in place. Since then, we have seen a relaxing of Covid measures both in the school and across society. It has meant that for the first time since 2019 pupils in year 6 had their SATs. They performed amazingly and we are celebrating the most successful results we have had in many years – just when national figures have gone down. Nationally, writing is 69% at the expected standard, we achieved 69% too! Reading nationally is 74%, we achieved 82%! Maths nationally is 71% and we achieved 84%! And SPAG nationally is 72% and our fantastic group of year 6’s got 84%.

We are so proud of their excellent achievements which are testament to all the children’s hard work and endeavours. Whilst these results are a snapshot at a moment in time, they are rich reward for the children’s efforts over a turbulent period of schooling. Congratulations to all of you!

 Key Stage 2 Reading

 Key Stage 2 Writing

 Key Stage 2 Maths