We aim to provide all our pupils with a structured and disciplined framework - one where success is celebrated and challenges are set and met and where children are encouraged to explore opportunities creatively.

We aim to continually improve standards of teaching and learning focusing upon literacy, numeracy, and scientific investigation and developing pupils' ability to use ICT tools effectively.

We aim to provide innovative, creative and challenging teaching.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that provides variety and equal opportunity for all pupils, allowing individuals to develop progressively and at their own rate.   

We aim to provide planned educational opportunities that teach pupils about responsible behaviour in order that they will mature into people who will make valuable contributions to our diverse and multicultural world and the environment we are to live in. 

We aim to involve parents and community in the daily life of the school to achieve common goals through partnership.

We aim to offer all staff and others involved with school the opportunity to continually develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding in order to meet both the school and their own needs


D Weaver, Head Teacher

A Moore, Chair of Governors